Thursday, February 12, 2009

File#12 - Neo Tokyo Urban Taxis

"Tokyo MK Taxi's cockpit angle from the back seat"

TokyoMK @ Urban Tokyo coverage
ym: Note the black panel on the right. Equipped with one-segment TV tranmission.

File#11 - Tanmen Yasai

"Tanmen Yasai"

Fukujyu @ Koji-machi, Tokyo


ym: another one of Mr. MS's hidden gourmet spots

not your ordinary eat-out.

File#10 - Negitoro-don


(6-chome Jogai-shijo Branch = right outside of the fish market)

What she had:

"Sushisen Meibutsu Tekka-don"

Check out:

Store Hours
Open hours: Opens for 24 hours.
Closed: Nothing

ym: Isn't it a nice way to put it - "Closed: Nothing"

also note that Tekka-don rhymes with